Digital Skills for Public Sector Employees

Enhance your post-COVID-19 economic recovery efforts

Helping African Governments in their post-COVID-19 responses with online training in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Regional Action Group for Africa

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Participating Governments


Ethiopia Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Sierra Leone Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation

Rwanda Development Board

Supporting Public Services in Africa

The Digital Skills for Public Services Employees Initiative is designed to help African governments better respond to the current economic and social challenges caused by the pandemic with high-quality digital foundations training for public services employees in collaboration with the World Economic Forum Regional Action Group for Africa.

Through this initiative, participating governments, ministries and agencies can train their whole workforce - including up to 250 employees for free - in critical skills and mindsets to effectively lead recovery efforts in the post-coronavirus world.

  1. Train up to 250 employees for free as "Digital Champions" to support adoption and enhance learning across your organization;
  2. Train all your workforce with the support of your Digital Champions for maximum impact.

World-class Learning Program

5-week "Digital Foundations for Public Services" program specifically developed for the public sector to build critical organizational, technology and data management skills. For any employees within your organization from entry-level employees to Ministry Directors.

  1. The Future of Work and Life
  2. Cultivating Mindset for Digital Future
  3. Enabling A Digital Future
  4. Igniting Innovation with Design Thinking
  5. Digital Safety and Data Management


Industry-standard Learning Platform and Education

Digital Fluency

Unique curriculum that builds a mindset to harness the potential of digital technologies rather than hard digital skills.

Made in Africa for Africa

Learning design and web platform designed to fit the day-to-day realities and cultural context of the African continent.

Social Learning 

Collaborative learning experiences where learners can learn from their peers in groups, live-discussion and hands-on projects.  

World-class Training 

High-quality program and learning material developed in partnership with the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Shape the Future of Public Services

  • Lead your recovery efforts and deliver your service with better efficiency, productivity and impact;
  • Leverage digital technologies, agility and innovation to solve complex problems;
  • Move toward an organisation that is flexible, resilient and relevant for today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Equip your workforce with critical skills and knowledge

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